RN-BSN Program

Are you an RN thinking about earning your BSN degree? The RN-BSN program is specifically designed for registered nurses who desire to obtain a bachelor of science degree.

This program offers flexible options for the educational needs of the registered nurse. The course work is structured to enhance the breadth and depth of previous education for the changing medical/health environment.

RN-BSN students must earn thirty (30) credit hours from FAMU.
Note:  This is a requirement for the baccalaureate degree.

The Program

The fast track for RN-BSN students can be completed in three semesters.

The Fast Track RN-BSN Program is offered to registered nurses, with a current Nursing License, who are graduates of accredited associate degree or diploma programs in nursing and leads to the Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. This program offers the RN student the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills needed for professional nursing practice in a wide variety of settings and provides the educational foundation that is the basis for graduate study in nursing. Registered nurses who meet the admission requirements for the BSN program may complete the program in one calendar year of study.
The full-time study plan allows students to complete the program in three semesters, and graduate after completing thirty (30) semester hours at FAMU. Students selecting part-time study may elect to complete the program in five semesters. 
For more information about our RN-BSN program, please contact Dr. Lisa Gardner, RN-BSN Program Director at lisa.gardner@famu.edu or (850) 561-2874.

Program Highlights:

  • Credit given for associate or diploma nursing course
  • All courses are online (asynchronous)
  • Nursing courses can be completed in one calendar year
  • Full-time or part-time study available
  • Nationally accredited program 

Program Learning Outcomes:

The program learning outcomes of the baccalaureate program are to prepare graduates to:

  1. Use a variety of communication and collaborative techniques to engage in intra- and inter-professional teams in ways that respect the values, ethics and practice standards of all members and ensure the delivery of safe, quality care.
  2. Apply critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills to deliver safe, quality care within the health care system and to advance the nursing profession.
  3. Apply leadership and management concepts and skills to influence systems and policies in order to ensure safe, quality, patient care and healthful practice environments.
  4. Implement strategies to provide safe, quality, patient-centered care to meet the needs of diverse populations, based on physiological, psychological, sociological, spiritual needs, cultural needs, preferences, and values.
  5. Enact a professional identity that reflects a commitment to legal and ethical practice and lifelong learning.
  6. Engage in scholarly practice through critiquing research, using available evidence, and exhibiting a spirit of inquiry in the delivery of safe, quality, patient-centered care.
  7. Use appropriate informatics and healthcare technologies to promote positive health outcomes and to deliver safe, quality care in the health care system.

Effective Fall 2021

RN-BSN Application

We appreciate your interest in our Fast Track RN-BSN program at FAMU. You can complete the application below. In addition to the RN-BSN application, students must also submit the supplemental documents which includes an essay of professional goals, official transcripts, a passport photograph, and three (3) letters of recommendation and all required medical documentation.

Nursing Students
Nursing Students

Please Note: All applicants must earn thirty (30) credit hours from FAMU as it is a requirement of the RN-BSN program.

RN-BSN Curriculum Map  

2022-2023 RN-BSN Handbook  

Essential Functional Abilities

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Contact Us

Name Title Email Phone
Dr. Linda Edwards-Doe
Associate Dean Undergraduate Programs linda.edwardsdoe@famu.edu 850-561-2044
Ms. Melissa Damelio
RN-BSN Program Director
Ms. Tarolyn Waymon Advisor tarolyn.waymon@famu.edu 850-599-3004