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FAMU SON STRIKE Healthcare Center aims to be highly recognized for our commitment to teaching excellence with caring. Our students gain hands-on clinical practice experience in our new state-of-the-art simulation center. This facility provides a safe, controlled learning environment that fosters student learning, skill development, critical thinking, and clinical judgement skills. Our simulation experiences bridge the gap between theory and clinical practice through immersive, procedural, and mixed reality (virtual and augmented) simulations. Our goal is to support our students in achieving targeted competencies and the continuous demonstration of patient safety surveillance in the clinical setting.  



FAMU School of Nursing Simulation Center
FAMU School of Nursing Simulation Center



Our mission is to provide invaluable simulation experiences by replicating clinical environments and emphasizing evidence-based practice to cultivate future clinicians that identify patient safety as their ultimate priority. 



The STRIKE Simulation Healthcare Center will be recognized for our commitment to research, academic development, community education, and stakeholder collaboration. We envision our dedication and support molding the future leaders in nursing to provide excellence with caring, integrity, and compassion. 


Simulation Suites: 

Our six-bay simulation center mirrors acute care obstetrical delivery/family care, pediatric, and medical surgical patient care rooms, along with a provider’s office for our graduate student simulation experience with standardized patients. We have high-fidelity simulators and various task trainers for hands-on life-like patient care experiences. Throughout the simulation center we are equipped with highly innovated technology. Our audiovisual technology allows for state-of-the-art live stream or recorded video media of facilitator and learner interaction and communication to ensure transfer of learning has taken place. 



Nursing Success Center


Student Success Center: 

The SON Student Success Center is an extension of our simulation center. This smart classroom is equipped with the latest technology and is used for one-on-one and/or group success coaching, skills practice, and VR/AR simulation exercises. 


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